• Question: What is the policy for piercings and hair? - lovingtheadventureoflife
  • Answer:

    Piercings can only be worn when not in uniform, hair must be natural

  • Question: Hello I applied for the NCCC fall 2014 and my status says "Assessment Complete" and I got the email that says I'm eligible for service, I was just wondering if you could tell me what this means and What I am supposed to do next? Thank you so much and I do love this blog! - superman-44
  • Answer:

    It’ll be about a month or two & then you will hear back to know if you got in. The wait really sucks :/ I was very impatient & I almost gave up on getting in, but then I got the email. So be patient & I’m sure you’ll get it soon :) good luck to you !!


I no longer am in NCCC, I graduated in December of 2013- but I am more than happy to answer any questions by interested inquirers. Travel often & happily 🌙


Hey lovely people! gigglesatfarts sent me a few questions about NCCC — & they were all really excellent questions so i thought i’d publish the post & then answer them for all interested NCCC inquirers. So here goes.

First of all— yes i got very homesick! My mom and I have an extremely close relationship. Im 23 (22 when I came in) & I had never left my mom for an extended period of time. It was definitely hard at first but then the people you are surrounded by quickly become your family — & i promise, it DOES get much easier. Although I’ll be very excited to see my other family when i get home :)

Yes, we do have curfews on work days specifically. It’s usually by midnight. That’s when the van has to be back every day of the week though. As far as the weekends, that’s up to your team leader. My team leader doesn’t really care how late we’re out on the weekends or what we do for that fact as long as we kind of keep him filled in so he knows we haven’t gone missing ! 

Every campus (the 5 regions) all have accessible wifi. You will be on campus for CTI training for a little over a month before you travel. So during this time you will have all the internet you need! After this, it will depend on where you travel to if you have the internet or not. I’ve been to 7 places this year & 5 out of 7 had wifi. The two that didn’t, we traveled to local McDonalds & Starbucks. There is plenty of paperwork for your team leader to do, and you will have specialty roles that will require internet so it will become a priority. 

Yes your family may visit you anytime! they aren’t allowed to stay in your spike housing (wherever you are living at the time) but you are welcome to have visitors at any point!

AmeriCorps NCCC pays for your way there & back! Plane, train or gas $.

& as far as hours, that’s the one thing I can’t give you an exact answer on. This year i’ve worked as few as 3 hours a day to 12 hours. If you go on disaster (which I did not this year) but if you do, your hours will definitely be very long. Typically though, it’s a solid 40 hours work week. You also get hours for travel time— so if it’s a 45 minute commute, they will count that as work.

Hopefully this answered your questions— if you have any more feel free to ask ! Good luck :)


Hello! My name is Xia! I am a senior in high school and I am really really looking into Americorps NCCC! :D 

I am just worried that I am going to be a little home sick! Did you ever get homesick!? If so, how push through it? :0

I also have just some random questions! 

Do you have curfews, Can you leave campus on the weekend to explore the state that you are in? Do you still get to get on the internet to check up on family and such? Can your family come visit on Holidays? Do you have to pay for your plane ticket there and back? What kind of hours do you work? Like 9am - 5pm kind of thing?? 

Sorry, I have so many questions! xD I am just so interested! But congratulations for graduating! That is amazing!  


At the beginning…& at the end. This year had changed me inside & out -.-


Sometimes this is what we do.


Till I graduate from AmeriCorps NCCC!!!


Americorps getting involved with a haunted trail at youth villages inner Harbour !

Photo Set

Tearing things up !